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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Its all about Freddie

Freddie can out of hibernation this year very poorly

The temperature got to cold even though we took extra precautions to protect him.

He needed to see a vet fast, Mr & Mrs Hamilton recommended a vet practice in Leeds.

So off we went to Leeds Holly House Vets, who have been fantastic and the slow process to recovery began.

Freddie needed an op to fit a feeding tube to help build up his strength. He has also lost most if not all his sight, but this might recover when his health improves. After a few visits to Leeds Freddie gained some weight, began eating and this weekend he got his tube removed........yippppeeee

Freddie meet a much bigger friend on Saturday at the vets. Freddie is over 70 years old Big Goldie  was only 14 years old.

We love you so much Freddie xx