Saturday, 7 July 2012

Michael Miller 
Redesigned lamp shade 

Today I had a break from hair styling for a ball, work and my soap room. We are going to decorate our bedroom into a beautiful boudoir. I love calligraphy so searched the net and found some lovely Michael Miller vintage French writing on Etsy. I bought the fabric to line some drawers but when it arrived today it was to nice to hide away never to be seen so it decided to revamp my lamp.

The fabric came from a shop on Etsy called robinsnest60. 
The shop is owned by a lovely lady called Robin who sells exquisite fabrics & trims.  

Simple white shade

 Stretched the fabric round and secured in place. The fabric came tied with a woven cotton tape measure ribbon which I used to trim the insides with.

I added some crystal beads I have had so long I had forgot I had them , one of those impulse buys that you know you will use them one day. 

The finished results.
It can become very addictive.........

A perfect resting place for the two boys in my life photo.
My son and my very own version of Mr Grey (and his 50 shades of grey hair).

Visit Robin shop at Etsy

Till the next time Love