Saturday, 29 January 2011

Web Site Up Dates

Ki is adding more photos to web site

Thought Of The Day

Technology I am going mad trying to do a simple task! I thought calm down take a break have a drink watch TV for half an hour try again ........ then the TV setting needed updating, did not know how to do IT.

Life is not simple any more!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Web Site Video

Kerri Lake

A short story about Geranium Soap

Kerri Lake

I wanted some music for my home page and gallery and Kyle told me about the free sound project, a web site you can down load clips of music and use them with permission from the artist. I listened to hundreds of clips over several days and found two pieces I really liked , unknown to me at the time of choosing my pieces Kyle explained they were by the same musician. Kerri Lake an American lady who plays the Native American Flute. I contacted Kerri a few months ago to ask if I could use her work and she kindly agreed. I  mailed her last week saying my web site was now live and that I had credited her for her contribution. I asked her if I was able to buy her CD for my own personal use and she kindly agreed to an exchange of her CD for a bar of Geranium Soap.
Her music is so peaceful and calming. It draws you in, her music is an expression of how she feels at that time as she does not play from a sheet its free flowing.

You can find more of Kerri's work at the free sound project

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New ways to pay on line

You can now pay on our web site via paypal, if you don't have a paypal account don't worry follow paypal link and pay using your visa or debit card

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Good Friends

I done my Tai Chi class today and had coffee with the girls after. I am fortunate to of made some real close and strong friendships who have supported me into my new venture. Its my family and friends that help make things happen. On a Tuesday after class we sit in a local coffee shop and we must look odd to anyone who might care to watch, as we have a real exchange of money going on. Both my friend sell my products to people to help me so they both give me money, Jenny does Bach Flower Remedies and my son uses them daily so I pay her for them, and then I give change to Lynda from her sales and sometimes give her money for Reiki if I am due a treatment. Its a circle of money going round all trying to help each other. We often get confused half way through at who owes who. Then we argue and fight to pay for the coffees. Friends are great we all need them.

I can recommend a good reiki & Bach Flower Essence consultant, Email for details

Monday, 24 January 2011

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is fast approaching and spread a little love.

I give to my husband, family and friends,  a little something to show I appreciate them.

It always puts a smile on the face of the receiver, every one deserves to feel special sometimes 

Show someone you love them, It does not have to cost much just time and thought.
                                                                   Nicola x

Thought Of The Day

Love is my religion - I could die for it.
John Keats