Friday, 14 October 2011

Film Nation Shorts 2011

Kyle has Made it to the finals 

Film Nation Shorts 2011

He has made the top 3 films in the fiction category age group 14-16 

 The winning film will be shown at the Olympics venues 2012 

If you watch the film above you can know click on the link below to vote

You can watch the film on the link below and press the thumbs up to vote.

The awards are in London on Tuesday 25th October

Its about a boy called Jake who respects an elderly man in his street. Lenny

has know Jake from birth, He has looked after him and watched him grow. The

 roles have reversed, Lenny lives alone and is fighting cancer. He is very frail

 and for the first time in his life needs outside help and support. Jake respects

 Lenny and tries his hardest to help and care for him against the odds. A

 woman of authority comes to the house and almost breaks the friendship,

 trust and respect the bond that Lenny and Jake share. This short film is taken

from a longer version.

This is not the usual post to go on our blog but its to support Kyle raise awareness and help

promote his film

Good Luck Kyle xx