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Aly Hazlewood

Make up artist to the stars 
 Beauty editor of Hub magazine

Reviewed our products and gave us her fantastic and honest opinion 

Read her blog entry and follow her for great tips and advice. Her knowledge of the beauty industry is vast and interesting.

Thank you Aly

Yallop Bath & Body

Yallop skin care is based in Lincolnshire and is essentially a one- woman cottage industry. Nicola Yallop began creating her own handmade beauty products as gifts for friends and family whilst still at college. The popularity of these presents encouraged her to invest more time and money into developing a skin care range that she could create, market and sell from home. Nicola’s vision encompasses the need for natural ingredients and processes; a focus on an artistic representation of the product as a gift, and the determination to use recycled, and recyclable, packaging across the entire range.
The Yallop products include hand creams, bath soaps, balms and serums plus home fragrances. The Maychang hand cream is a Shea and cocoa butter that moisturises the skin and is paraben-free. It also contains sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerin and citric acid but it is the essential oil of Maychang that really provides the heavy, citrus aroma in this cream, whilst vitamin E Helps with cuticle and nail conditioning. The aroma felt a little heavy-handed at first but on absorption faded to a lovely, lemony scent whilst the cream absorbed nicely into the skin.
The Maychang was also the focus of the bath-bomb cup cake (£4.50) for this review. Whilst I can appreciate the craft that goes into making these, very cute, confectionery chameleons, I find myself somewhat at odds with putting a cup cake in my bath. It feels like you’re wasting food that should really be devoured lustily. But that’s just me. Still, after dropping it into a running bath, I returned to find the place smelling rather fine and had a very soothing soak indeed.
Whilst in the bath I had left the bedroom slowly enveloping itself in a scent of Japanese mist that emanated from a melting heart made of soy wax. Placed on top of an oil burner with an unscented tea light underneath, the heart melted slowly and filled the room with a blossom-like scent that certainly seemed to help me into a deep slumber. The gift packaging included in these products really do make these lovely handcrafted presents and at £8.50 won’t break the bank.
Overall this sample of Yallop’s products bodes well for its future, particularly with regard to the growing need for natural sustainability within the market place. The packaging is excellent and although some may find the bows and ribbons a little too girly for their tastes, many more will be seduced by its homespun chic. One could see Yallop skin care doing very well in the bathrooms of many a boutique hotel. Available at Yallop Skincare online.

I stumbled along Chic Beauty one day and loved the site so much I contacted Stina and asked for her opinion 
on some of our Yallop Skin Care Products.

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Stina Brewster reviewed Our Soy wax Melting hearts for us, Read the fantastic review on the link below.

Stina runs a blog that reviews Beauty products, fashion and many beautiful items. Her blog is informative, fascinating and very interesting ans she has freebies she often gives away Take a look and follow her for bang up to date fashion knowledge.

Gorgeous Smellies: Soy Wax Melt Hearts

I have wanted to try Soy Wax Melts for absolutely ages and I was very lucky to contacted by the lovely Nicola from   who sent me a few boxes of the most gorgeous scented wax melts  - I even got a very nice burner too.

Imagine my delight when I received these goodies this morning. The packaging was really gorgeous, and I must admit I am a sucker for lovely packaging. It means so much (to me)
I love that these products are made and manufactured in the UK, run by a small family owned company.

In  one box was a black ceramic wax burner, in the other box was 6 x 4 bags of differently scented soy wax melt hearts. 
The gift bags and baskets are ethically sourced and made from a family run business in Scotland and a fair trade source. The paper that is recycled from straw waste and sea shells that is made at a family owned UK based traditional mill.

Here's how they were all packaged- each with a little name tag with the scent written on, beautiful!

 This particular melt heart was the one I tried today and it was very fresh and long lasting, just delicious.

You place 1-2 hearts at the top of the burner, light the tea candle underneath and get up to 20 hours of lovely fragrance diffusing throughout your home.

And that is what I did, as soon as I received the parcel and had unpacked it all, I lit my tea light and have had the most gorgeously scented house today. 

I have no experience with wax melts, so was very surprised to find out how they work. Once it's melted it stays as a liquid in the bowl and mine burned the whole day - at least 10 hours and I could not see the amount of melted liquid get any less. I was very impressed with that.

I am a total wax melt convert now, they last so much longer than scented burning oils.

I received these gorgeous gifts from where you can buy all the afore mentioned products at a very reasonable price. I shall definitely be back on their site to stock up on lots more wax melts.

I think it would make such a beautiful gift for someone special- I spotted some gorgeous sets on the site and the postage is very reasonable at £2.95.

I'm so impressed with everything here I'd give this company 10/10- friendly, ethical, reasonably priced, beautiful packaging and gorgeous products. 

Have you ever tried wax melts? If not then you simply must.

Skincare range launched in Folkingham shop

Nicola Yallop and her cabinet
HOMEMADE natural skincare products are now available to buy in a chocolate shop.
Nicola Yallop has started up her own business and is selling her products at Hansen’s Chocolate House, in Market Place, Folkingham.
Jan Hansen has more than 20 cabinets in his shop which he rents out to people to promote and sell their handmade items.
Mrs Yallop, who lives in Grantham, said: “I started making my products for friends and family as gifts and it took off.
“All my products are checked by a chemist to comply with legalities. My work is carried out at my home in a room that is adapted for my needs.”
Jewellery, soft toys and more are displayed in the other cabinets shop