Monday, 10 January 2011

If only

If only I could .....

Afford to buy all my groceries locally, I just love getting fruit in brown paper bags. I collected paper bags when I was small, Mrs Smith would wrap my fruit in a brown paper bag and write my name on it for my break time at nursery. If I close my eyes I can recall the sweet smell of apples and the brown paper like it was yesterday.
Unfortunately I can also remember clinging onto every lamp and gate post on the way screaming that I did not want to go..... my poor mother.

Make every one write in pen and ink, there is nothing nicer than giving or receiving a letter written in real ink.

Have a shop with antique haberdashery shop fittings, selling my skin care products and vintage collectables.

Live in a remote house on the coast in the highlands of Scotland with my family and have piggies and chickens in the yard.

I still am a secret paper bag collector, but shush your the only one who knows so keep it a secret.

Find a way to thank my family and special friends for all they do and the support they give me, free soap for life might just help a bit.

Find someone else to write on my blog but me xxx

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