Sunday, 3 July 2011

Good Reviews

Tea  Tree and Peppermint soap has really helped my poor feet I no longer have athletes foot and my feet no longer smell after a long day at work. Mike  

The parcel was so lovely thank you, and I have been using the hand cream constantly since I received it, it makes my hands incredibly soft, but most of the all, the scent - I LOVE it!  The first thing I noticed about it is the very strong lemon scent. I love that. Stina

Your hand cream really soothed my mothers sore hands, will always use your products from now on. Sue 

My legs were so sore from sun burn and the skin was peeling away the only thing I had with me was Maychang hand cream I applied some my legs stopped peeling and my skin felt refreshed. Fantastic will not be with out it again. Linda

Your face cream left my skin really hydrated all day, I struggled to find a cream to do this for a very long time thank you Nicola. Susan

I bought some pure natural oils to use on my mothers dry scalp, we have tried most products on the market. This was getting my mother down. Your scalp treatment really worked we could notice less redness and itching after the first application. Julia

I burnt my face on my hair tongues I applied S O S monks balm, its amazing it soothed and instantly relieved the pain. I was healed within a few days. Eileen 

Love your geranium soap, rich luxurious and natural a real treat thank you. Kerry (America)

Just a handful of good comments we receive on our skin care range. Its always great to hear from you all. 

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