Sunday, 22 April 2012

Please Vote

I no Kyle won with this film last year, but it is the time to refresh votes ready for the Olympics. 

A 3 minuet short film. 
The film was made on a £200 Panasonic camera Kyle won in a film making competition in the Grantham Journal. The film was shoot in an afternoon and edited on trail software the following day. The actors were all family members, Lenny played by granddad Cook who was in real life going through chemotherapy for Myeloma. Auntie Michelle played the nurse and cousin Jake played the young boy. They all did  a fantastic job and millions of people will see this film around the Olympic arena live events and big screens around the UK and it has already featured in news of the Olympics around the world. Its really been the chance of a life time for them all.
 Thank you for your support.   

At the awards 2011
 the very short speach

The interview

Ruth Mackenzie

Director of the Cultural Olympiad.

Rick Edwards

Please follow the link below watch the film and press the YELLOW thumbs up to vote

Thank you 

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