Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Good Friends

I done my Tai Chi class today and had coffee with the girls after. I am fortunate to of made some real close and strong friendships who have supported me into my new venture. Its my family and friends that help make things happen. On a Tuesday after class we sit in a local coffee shop and we must look odd to anyone who might care to watch, as we have a real exchange of money going on. Both my friend sell my products to people to help me so they both give me money, Jenny does Bach Flower Remedies and my son uses them daily so I pay her for them, and then I give change to Lynda from her sales and sometimes give her money for Reiki if I am due a treatment. Its a circle of money going round all trying to help each other. We often get confused half way through at who owes who. Then we argue and fight to pay for the coffees. Friends are great we all need them.

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