Thursday, 27 January 2011

Kerri Lake

A short story about Geranium Soap

Kerri Lake

I wanted some music for my home page and gallery and Kyle told me about the free sound project, a web site you can down load clips of music and use them with permission from the artist. I listened to hundreds of clips over several days and found two pieces I really liked , unknown to me at the time of choosing my pieces Kyle explained they were by the same musician. Kerri Lake an American lady who plays the Native American Flute. I contacted Kerri a few months ago to ask if I could use her work and she kindly agreed. I  mailed her last week saying my web site was now live and that I had credited her for her contribution. I asked her if I was able to buy her CD for my own personal use and she kindly agreed to an exchange of her CD for a bar of Geranium Soap.
Her music is so peaceful and calming. It draws you in, her music is an expression of how she feels at that time as she does not play from a sheet its free flowing.

You can find more of Kerri's work at the free sound project

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